Trippie Redd’s Mom Is Still Reminding Him to Brush His Teeth

Shouts out to moms everywhere.
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Praise be to moms. 

As the rate at which hip-hop newcomers rise from young person making music to full-blown star, the role of good influences compounds in importance. Nineteen-year-old Trippie Redd revealed as much during his recent sit-down with Zane Lowe for Apple Music's Beats 1 for the premiere of his newest single “Topanga.”

“I feel like whatever you’re doing, you’re letting people know who you are and you pave the way,” Redd told Lowe. “I love my life. My mom will randomly call me and say, ‘Make sure you brush your teeth.’”

There you have it, folks: Trippie Redd is a burgeoning rap star, but he’s also a young man. At 19, constantly on the road and enrapt in the antics of hip-hop celebrity, this tidbit about his mother is nothing if not endearing.

It’s also clinically apropos since Trippie recently bought a 50 thousand dollar grill. Brushing your teeth was important before, but as the American Dental Association points out, brushing your teeth when you wear a grill is critical to avoiding tooth decay and gum issues.

Big ups to Trippie Redd’s mom. She’s a real one.

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