Kid Cudi Opens Up About Suicidal Thoughts: “I Was Thinking of Ways to Do It”

"It scared me straight."
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Honesty saves lives. With a career based on openness and emotional struggle, Kid Cudi knows this well. In his latest profile with GQ, our beloved crooner opens up about the driving factor for his 2016 stint in a mental rehabilitation facility.

"I was thinking of ways to do it," Cudi said in regards to how bad his mental state had plummeted, and how he had been harboring suicidal thoughts. "It scared me straight. What scared me was that my mind was willing to go there. After all these years.”

Perhaps the most cutting moment of this admission is the timestamp Cudi places on his own healing, as if once you reach a certain number of years aware of an illness, it must necessarily leave you be. Mental health is not a skill in the same way riding a bike is a skill. Depression and suicidal thoughts do not ask. When you grow scared of yourself, if you have the lucidity, seeking help is the best and only thing to do.

The redeeming note here is twofold: firstly, Kid Cudi is obviously feeling better. Of course, this does not disqualify him from hitting another low point, but it does appear that he is standing on more solid ground than he was just two years ago.

Secondly, in being so open about his struggles with suicidal thoughts, he creates more and more space for his fans who may be going through similar circumstances to seek the help they need. If Kid Cudi is not too good for suicidal tendencies, then no one is. JAY-Z wasn't too good for therapy, either. Seeking help is never a sign of weakness, but largely a sign of strength.

As it appears, Cudi channeled that strength for his portion of KIDS SEE GHOSTS, where he explained that he took on the light side of the album. Kudos to Kid Cudi for being so open, as the continual conversation surrounding mental health in hip-hop needs nothing less.

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