Murda Beatz on Success: "I'm Not Here to Be Hot for a Year"

Complacency is a career killer.
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Hits may have a formula, but hitmakers come in all breeds. In the case of Murda Beatz, the man is described as an “alien,” with massive hits created for everyone from Migos to Drake

As a producer tapped into the sound of the now, Murda surprisingly keeps his eye on the future, breaking down his views on success in a new profile with The New York Times.

“People get content—they buy their house, their cars, their grills, and they get comfortable,” Murda said. “But I’m not here to be hot for a year.”

Much like his contemporaries, Murda Beatz has his eye on becoming a career artist. There is no glory in going down as a flash in the pan, and Murda understands full well that complacency is both a career and creativity killer.

Later in the profile, rapper G-Eazy is quoted breaking down Murda’s unique perspective on the hip-hop of the moment: “He’s almost like an alien because his origins don’t seem to make a lot of sense. He’s from the middle of nowhere in Canada, but somehow he’s making some of the most culturally relevant music.”

Murda Beatz cultural awareness likely comes from his forward-thinking personality and ability to see beyond the hype. There is an art to capturing a moment while catapulting yourself into the next, and it appears Murda Beatz has that art down pact. 

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