Killer Mike: Rick Ross Is One of My Favorite Rappers

“Wow, he’s probably going to employ two hundred to two hundred and fifty people.”
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Killer Mike Explains Why Rick Ross Is One of His Favorite Rappers

There are many a rich rapper to love and admire. For Killer Mike, his loyalties trend towards the artists who best highlight how to bring money back into their communities. 

Speaking with Believer Mag, Mike broke down exactly why Rick Ross is his favorite rapper out here getting money.

“Kids rap about Bentleys and diamonds because that’s what they want or that’s what they think you’re supposed to do to get rich,” Mike began. “My job is to offer an alternative, because the people I saw who got rich, they did some diamond-y things, but they also did very practical things that I saw my grandparents do. When I think of rich rappers, I’m thinking less of the guys who I see on MTV every day and I’m thinking more of E-40, who independently became rich, got big checks from rap, then diverted that into community and businesses. It’s why I tell people that one of my favorite rappers is Rick Ross. The fact that he owns a Wingstop and is in negotiations to buy twenty-five more: when I hear that I go, 'Wow, he’s probably going to employ two hundred to two hundred and fifty people.' That’s very significant to me. That’s a reason to congratulate and to support him.”

To recap: the best way to become Killer Mike’s favorite rapper is to make sure you’re a man of the people with your words and your actions. Mike’s admiration of Rick Ross is both endearing and indicative of hip-hop’s unique ability to secure and spread wealth across generations and communities.

It’s also worth noting that Mike is giving out some sage advice here: invest wisely once you get your rapper checks. You can have the chain and diversified portfolio; you can have the flashy cars and the modest house for your family. 

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