Joey Bada$$ Talks Fulfillment: "This Shit Don't Make Me Happy"

“It’s a shame this ain’t enough.”
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Joey Bada$$ Talks Fulfillment: "This Shit Don't Make Me Happy"

In 2015, Joey Bada$$ spit: “Then came the money through a plug / It's a shame this ain't enough.” To this day, that sentiment rings true. 

In a new episode of Noisey’s The Therapist, Joey gets a lesson on internal and external fulfillment. That is, over the course of the session, Joey realizes that he does not spend enough time with himself, making himself happy.

“This shit don’t make me happy,” Joey Bada$$ said, looking down at his chains and clothing. As despondent as the realization sounds, Joey spoke with a smile on his face, as if he were coming into a new consciousness of himself. Success and celebrity are an invigorating dopamine drip, but they will never constitute a true sense of self-fulfillment.

The reason there are so many apt price of fame songs—songs that make us wish we were never famous—is because when we, artists and fans alike, get to the money, we often realize the problems we face are still there—just dressed up. Word to B.I.G.

There’s a terrible weight to artistic success that cannot go understated. As artists spend less and less time with themselves, they struggle to parse who they are and grow. Lucky for Joey Bada$$, this quick video bit for Noisey seems to have unlocked something genuine in him. 

We hope it makes it to the music.

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