Future Apologized to Juice WRLD for Introducing Him to Lean, Kind Of

“He just was like, ‘Wow.’"
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Future, Juice Wrld, 2018

Influence, however incredible, often has consequences. Take Future, one of the most influential artists of this half-decade. His sound and aesthetic have birthed countless artists, and his lyrical content, too, has its own slew of copycats. 

Earlier this year, 19-year old Chicago artist Juice WRLD admitted that Future’s music first inspired him to try lean. In a new interview with Vulture, Juice revealed that upon linking for WRLD ON DRUGSwhich the pair recorded in five days—Future apologized for steering Juice WRLD in the wrong direction.

“That’s the first thing I told him,” Juice said, referring to Future putting Juice onto lean. “He just was like, ‘Wow.’ He kind of apologized.” 

Of course, Future’s shock is understandable. When making music and telling your story, locked away in the studio, it is often easy to forget about the real-life listeners and impact your music can have.

Thankfully, for however much Juice WRLD’s music sounds like an unending cry for help, he has adopted a more sober lifestyle. “I’ve just kind of realized certain things about myself and my coming up, the way that substances played a part in my life, whether it was me doing them or other people,” he said. “It’s something that I’m trying to separate myself from.”

Good for Juice WRLD. We’ve lost one too many artists to substance abuse in the past 12 months.

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