Valee Shares the Advantage of Being Signed to G.O.O.D. Music

“Everyone’s in their own lane.”
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The best part of signing to G.O.O.D. Music? No one is jacking your flow. 

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, one of 2018’s most exciting emerging stars, Valee, breaks down the benefit of being signed to a label with so many established artists.

“Well, I do like being on that team I suppose, because everyone’s in their own lane,” Valee told writer Brendan Klinkenberg. “Everyone is well-established on that team—like Big Sean and John Legend, and people like that, I like those people and respect them. They’ve got longevity. As opposed to being on a team with a lot of brand-new people and everyone is fighting to stay relevant maybe, and they’re quicker to steal from you. You’re in the studio and you turn your back and they could be taking ideas that aren’t even released yet.”

In short: being on G.O.O.D. Music allows Valee to escape the pitfalls of a crabs-in-a-bucket mentality. With everyone biting Valee’s flow, whether or not they’re successful, it’s no surprise the Chicago native is looking over his shoulder. On G.O.O.D., Valee feels he has no other artists to contend with, in terms of fame, and so neither he nor the label have to split their time worrying about in-house artists running parallel.

Not to mention, with so many established artists on the roster, it’s clear that G.O.O.D. Music is doing something right. Not only can Valee, 30, avoid competition with younger and scrappier artists, but he's able to create knowing that the label has a blueprint for his long-term success. 

And, again, we doubt John Legend is looking to rip off Valee’s flow. But what do we know, really?

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