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Why Dr. Dre Gave Anderson .Paak So Much More Than a Co-Sign

“When you get someone that really wants to work with you and put real sweat and skin in the game and your project, that's different.”

Come November 16, we’ll all be taking a trip to Anderson .Paak’s native Oxnard. The celebrated singer’s third solo album feels like a long time coming, despite his consistently releasing collaborative work in the years between 2016's Malibu and Oxnard. While most everyone has grown hip to .Paak by way of his talent, one of his major public boosts came by way of his appearances on Dr. Dre’s Compton. Yet, as Anderson .Paak explained during an interview on The Cruz Show, Dre gave him far more than a co-sign.

“The co-sign is one thing, but when you get someone that really wants to work with you and put real sweat and skin in the game and your project, that's different,” he said. “That's better. Before I got to Dre, me and my team had did a lot. So, it was unlike anything I feel that he's ever done. For him to put his stamp on it... He was always like: 'I wanna be a part of what you doin'. Do I have to be a part of this? No. I wanna be. You got it goin'. You inspire me.' It's like, he's inspiring me and we're working together on this project and it's like this is our baby. He ain't even from Oxnard [laughs]. Compton is very far from Oxnard.”



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Few things are as gratifying as having a meaningful co-sign evolve into a working relationship. It’s one thing for a highly-respected veteran to throw their stamp on an artist, but an entirely deeper and more exciting thing when they get down in the trenches with them to make the music happen.

In the case of Anderson .Paak, working with Dre is more so about craft and less about garnering big looks. Sitting on one of our most anticipated albums of 2018, .Paak needs very little help by way of attention. His link with Dre is all about polish and quality, and considering “Tints” is one of the best new songs of October, Oxnard has the potential to be Anderson .Paak’s third classic album.

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