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"The Album Coming Soon": Vince Staples Teases Another Project With Pharrell Tracks

Is there such a thing as too many Pharrell songs?
Vince Staples Teases Another Project With Pharrell Tracks

Fresh off the release of his very real West Coast rap album, FM!, Vince Staples also graced fans with the premiere of his new Beats 1 Radio Show, “Ramona Radio.” On-air, he broke down the album in his very Vince Staples way of refusing to ever explain the album (“FM! means a lot of things. I’ll never tell you what it mean, by the way”). Of note, though, Vince also teased at least one upcoming album the will include Pharrell collaborations: "The album coming soon, by the way."

“This is a very special project,” Staples said of FM!, adding, “It’s not the album, by the way—y'all gotta wait for that. We got projects dropping soon. We got a lot of projects. We took the Pharrell one off this [project], by the way, 'cause we just got too many Pharrell ones.”



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First of all, there is no such thing as “too many Pharrell” songs. Second of all, it’s interesting that Staples does not regard FM! as “the album,” perhaps because it is a banger-filled blowing-off of steam and not as high-concept as Summertime ‘06 and Big Fish Theory.

Regardless, knowing there is a grip of Vince Staples music in the vault, with and without Pharrell, is exciting. To suggest Staples’ output is anything other than prolific would be nonsense as the man has released a quality project once a year since 2011.

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