G-Eazy on Success: "You Don't Really Get Time to Be a Person"

"This industry will break an artist down."
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G-Eazy on Success: "You Don't Really Get Time to Be a Person"

We already know this, but success will drain any artist. Just ask G-Eazy, who sat down for a live episode of Open Late with Peter Rosenberg and broke down the ire of fame. 

At the start of the interview, the Bay Area rapper revealed that of the 10 months since his most recent album, The Beautiful & Damned, dropped, he’s spent nine on tour.

“Time off, time to be Gerald, I’m finally starting to do that,” he said. “I think, what’s happened over the past forever… This industry will break an artist down. You don’t really get time to be a person, or yourself, or away from tour. You work so hard to be able to be in a position to get these opportunities and once they start coming in, they’re coming in and it’s hard to say no. I thought I had a speech impediment; I couldn’t say no."

G-Eazy then goes on to rattle off his packed schedule: endless shows and flights the same morning. He’s right, of course; this lifestyle will take an immense toll on the body. Lacking sleep might inspire creativity, but it can also kill you.

The timeline of G’s “time to be Gerald” is also worth considering. G-Eazy has been releasing music we can still find online since 2008, he’s been a commercial smash since 2015, and The Beautiful & Damned is his third studio album. Even with this mountain of milestones dating back years, G-Eazy has not had a moment to himself since he began his music career. 

This is the price artists pay, but man is the price of fame stiff.

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