Smino Reveals His Non-Strategy for Radio: "Shoot Ahead of Them Bitches"

“If you aim for it, you be behind.”
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Smino Grigio really is one of the best rappers. Noname said so on Room 25, and Smino proved it with the release of his impressive sophomore offering, NOIR. The album was a heavily textured departure from 2017’s debut blkswn, showcasing Smino’s wide-ranging artistry and endless charisma. 

Any song off NOIR would be fit for radio, with the album’s natural penchant for romp and fun. Yet, in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Smino breaks down his creative process and why he does not aim to make radio music.

“I’m more of an album artist,” Smino said. “I got some shit. I ain’t aiming at the radio. It change so much, if you aim for it, you be behind. It’s running targets. Shoot ahead of them bitches. My next one after this one is a good chunk of done. And I hate my new album right now. So I think it’s about done.”

Smino’s sharpshooter approach to his music and avoidance of radio hits is one of the main reasons why no other emerging or established artist sounds like the St. Louis native. Apart from giving himself a creative edge, Smino is also slowly cultivating his star power by way of ensuring he keeps things fresh and unique at all times.

With that, Smi also revealed that he has a lot of new music in the chamber. “I’m about to flood the court, flood the market,” he said. “I got too many sounds. I didn’t want to put that shit out, somebody get inspired by it, and they go with the sound somewhere else. Now motherfuckers know me. So shit, I’ma just put my music out.”

Of course, Smino, take your time, but just know that we are excited to hear what you’ve cooked up.

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