"Anything Over Three Minutes Is a No-No": Juicy J on Why Shorter Songs are the Move

“When you stream that motherfucker once, you stream it again.”
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The streaming era has fundamentally changed the way we listen to music, but it has also changed the way artists create. With payouts per stream decreasing, much like our attention spans, Juicy J broke down why he makes shorter songs to try and navigate the streaming era and still secure the bag.

“I feel like, when you hear it, you wanna hear it again,” he said of two-minute long songs. “When you stream that motherfucker once, you stream it again. [Cash register sounds]. I was thinking about adding a third verse [to "Neighbor"], but I was like, 'Fuck that…' Make a n***a want to play it over.” Later on, he adds: “I feel like anything over three minutes is a no-no.”

In terms of business savvy, the move to drive more and more streams by way of shorter songs—provided that the song itself is good—is a brilliant idea. Juicy J didn’t make those cash sounds for no reason. While some artists are inflating their tracklist with endless songs to game streaming numbers, Juicy J is doing the inverse, and per his enthusiasm, his strategy seems to be working out well.

Earlier this year, Valee also explained why he prefers shorter songs, saying, “What stuck with me one day is no matter what video we're watching [on WSHH], someone starts a fucking conversation about something that has nothing to do with music by the time the second verse comes around.” Read as: people struggle to pay attention, even when the music is good.

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