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Tee Grizzley Explains Why He Isn't Afraid to Saturate the Market

"I’m still at the point where I’m trying to get people to fall in love with who Tee Grizzley is."

Some might say music moves too quickly. Others, like Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley, take that speed and use it to their creative advantage. 

Following the end of his parole, and only six months after his debut studio album, Activated, Tee Grizzley has released a new project, entitled Still My Moment. The album is full of solid Grizzley raps, and as he told Billboard in a new interview, is a testament to how upcoming artists must navigate the streaming era.

“I wanted to come back," he said regarding the decision to put out another project in 2018. "I don’t feel like it’s a problem putting out a lot of content, especially for an artist like me. I’m still at the point where I’m trying to get people to fall in love with who Tee Grizzley is. I’m just going to keep flooding the streets. There’s a lot of music coming out these days, the music world moves 200 miles per hour. Four months by today’s standard is like a year.”

As for what he was looking to achieve with Still My Moment: “I just wanted to put out new content, and that was the first thing."



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Tee Grizzley’s approach, when we consider that he is a newer artist, makes plenty of sense. As he points out, he is tasked with making audiences fall in love with him and a constant stream of new material is one such way to make sure you’re always on the minds of listeners. It worked for BROCKHAMPTON

Grizzley is also aware that music moves too quickly for new artists to hope their previous projects stick and is trying to shoot ahead of the curve. That’s why Still My Moment is such an apt title.

Recently, Earl Sweatshirt revealed he feels that same pressure to release new music. Unlike Grizzley, though, Earl attempts to curb his zeal and only release what he believes to be the best product. Both rollout approaches make sense; the real determining factor always comes down to audience base and size. 

Tee Grizzley's words serve as yet another reminder that for any artist looking to navigate the music industry in 2018, whether or not to flood the market has become one of the most important choices to make. 

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