Pharrell Williams: Kid Cudi Is a GOAT

“His melodies and his concepts—he's a timeless alien.”
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Pharrell Williams: Kid Cudi Is a GOAT

Kid Cudi influenced a generation of creatives. Music’s doting older brother, Cudi’s emotive writing and melodics can be seen and heard across myriad rising stars in today’s hip-hop landscape. Some—like, say, Pharrell—might even call him one of the greatest of all time.

“He's so inspiring,” Pharrell Williams said in a new interview with Complex in response to being asked about working with Cudi in the future. “And I'm only as good as my collaborations anyway. And I love the stuff that we did. Love, love. I like music that I want to go to later, you know? A year from now I wanna play it. Or like three months from now I want to play it. You know, we're on an island somewhere I wanna play it. Like I'm that guy. So to me, Cudi is a GOAT. His melodies and his concepts—he's a timeless alien.”

We agree. Kid Cudi is a “timeless alien.” His music from a decade ago is still influencing the way upcoming artists make their own breakout records. I would be hard-pressed to believe there is a Juice WRLD on the charts today without a Kid Cudi and a “Day 'n' Nite” on the charts 10 years ago.

In a similar vein to Drake, Cudi made being an emoting Black man an option in the music industry. Where the death of Black boyhood is rampant, Cudi’s music stands as a promise that men are as deserved of their emotions as the rest of us. That’s enough for GOAT status, don’t you think? 

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