Steve Lacy Teases a "Trap Banger" with YG (That We'll Probably Never Hear)

"I'm just a fan of YG."
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Steve Lacy Teases a "Trap Banger" with YG (That We'll Probably Never Hear)

Steve Lacy sounds good with damn near everybody: The Internet, Kendrick Lamar, Ravyn Lenae, Mac Miller, and the list goes on. Apparently, the list also includes California’s own YG, with whom Lacy has a trap banger we will never hear. Shame.

STEVE: Yeah I was jerking to YG. I met him and I told him I used to you jerk to your shit, and he was like "Ayyy!" 

MYLES: You were singing “Handgun” from the new album, Stay Dangerous, earlier. You into it? 

STEVE: Love it. I'm just a fan of YG. I got a trap banger with YG that may never see the light of day.

MYLES: You produced it?

STEVE: Yeah.

MYLES: Did you rap?

STEVE: Fuck no [laughs]. I mean I could, but people don't need to hear that. —“Steve Lacy: Predicting The Future

Today we learned: Steve Lacy can rap, Steve Lacy loves YG, and Steve Lacy teamed up with YG for what I imagine is the song of the year that we’ll never get to experience.

Though we’ll likely never know what the blending of neo-soul and classic G-funk sounds like, we can only imagine the song would have been packed with incredible bass grooves so deep we get swallowed whole by the track. 

What could be better, really?

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