Tierra Whack Isn't Interested in a "Super Industry" Sound

“I don’t DM people like, ‘Yooo, I’m trying to get on a track.’”
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No one sounds like Tierra Whack, but that will change in due time. In just 15 minutes, Whack World set trends followed by artists ranging from Buddy to upcoming act Baby Keem. While the 23-year-old North Philly native is certainly establishing herself as a young visionary, that does not mean she has any plans to drown herself in industry politics. Speaking with The FADER as their latest cover story subject, Whack revealed that she isn’t interested in industry sounds or producers.

“I might hear a beat from somebody else,” she said of the various producers DMing her looking to work now that she’s popped off. “I don’t know. I don’t really want that super industry sound. I don’t care about names, I don’t care about that shit. I don’t really reach out, it has to be organic. If we’re in a studio setting and we’re feeling the vibe, that’s cool, we can make something. Like, I’ve been in a bunch of sessions with people I haven’t made music with. Like, I just chill. I’m not forcing it. I don’t DM people like, ‘Yooo, I’m trying to get on a track.’ I never do that, I’m never that person.”

Tierra Whack’s organic-first approach makes sense. The production choices on Whack World are wanton and elastic. There are no standard trap drums in sight because Tierra Whack does not adhere to industry standards. She is quite busy setting them.

Her reply is doubly refreshing because her willful ignorance of big names allows her to work with producers at all stages of their career. As an upcoming artist herself, she knows the value of a cosign and building her creative community. Rising and indie artists win when they band together. 

Tierra Whack strikes us as the kind of artist to take the whole team with her, and it sounds like if you have unique beats, there could be a spot on her team for you.

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