Swizz Beatz Cosigns NAV: "He Got His Wave"

“NAV is that zone.”
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Swizz Beatz cosigns NAV

NAV has fans. One of them, apparently, is heralded producer Swizz Beatz, who gave the Toronto artist his seal of approval on GeniusThe Cosign.

“NAV is that zone,” Swizz said. “He got his wave.” Yet, Swizz was not all praise for NAV. As an artist first, he did bring some critiques: “I would turn down the Auto-Tune just a little bit,” he said of “Reckless.” “Just so I could feel the vibe of him in the track. Oh, he got it [the cosign]. Shout out NAV.”

So there we have it, one more mildly satisfied NAV fan. Jokes aside, the way Swizz Beatz handed NAV a cosign and critiqued his music serves as a valuable lesson for fans. It is entirely possible to ride with someone and not be enamored by everything they do. In fact, we critique because we care, so Swizz offering some notes to NAV may be even better than gassing him up with an empty cosign. 

Take TDE’s Jay Rock, who wants you to tell him when his shit is wack. There is no other way for artists to grow. Cosigns are great, but honest input is all the more valuable. 

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Nav, 2018, photo by Terence Daniels

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