Pardison Fontaine Was "Pissed" Kanye West Outed Him as a Ghostwriter on "Violent Crimes"

Remember Pardison Fontaine for his bars, not his writing credits.
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Pardison Fontaine raps. He’s a writer, too, and you likely know him from his work with Cardi B, but do not forget he is a talented rapper on the rise. 

As with anyone trying to cultivate their creative identity, Pardi takes his image seriously, which is why in a new interview with GQ, Pardi revealed his frustration with Kanye West after being outed by West on Twitter as his ghostwriter on ye inclusion "Violent Crimes."

As reported by GQ, “He was ‘pissed’ this past September when Kanye gave him credit for writing it in a tweet.” “Nobody needed to know,” he said. “I hit him about that, like, 'That's not why I do that for.'”

The piece goes on to express that Fontaine does not want to be—or need to be—known as a ghostwriter. He wants to be seen as the rapper he so clearly is. 

Though typically we would champion an artist giving credit to their collaborator, Fontaine’s desire to sculpt the way he is perceived makes total sense as he works to elevate his own star and lay the groundwork for a lasting rap career. 

Pardison Fontaine is a rapper, and he wants to be remembered for his bars, not his writing credits.