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How Weed Helped Kenny Beats Land His First Placement with TDE

Woah, Kenny!

Enjoy this fantastic story Kenny Beats told ItsTheReal during his recent appearance on their podcast, regarding how the producer first linked up with Ab-Soul and the TDE crew (and ended up with three beat placements with the label):

“I hit up this producer, Rahk, and he produced on Overly Dedicated for Kendrick and a lot of early TDE shit. I was like, ‘Bro, [ScHoolboy] Q has a show…’ and they were doing a shoe signing at this sneaker store called Laced. I was like, ‘Rahk, do you know anybody? I’ll pull up, dah, dah, dah, whatever they need.’ He was like, ‘They’re probably gonna need some weed, bro. Pull up.’ I went there. Ab-Soul had not dropped Control System yet. So, Ab was well-known and had a name, but he wasn’t really doing the signing.



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“So Q was out fronting, signing kids’ stuff. Someone came, met me, brought me to the back, and Ab was just chilling in the back. I was an avid Ab-Soul fan. I could really tell him all his lyrics, all the songs he dropped over the last three years and who produced it… I gave him the weed. I’m not even gonna ask for any money. He was the coolest. We smoked; he took his glasses off, which is a rare thing… We just talked, and eventually he got to where I could interject a little thing: ‘On this project, you said,’ and he was like, ‘Oh, you really pay attention.’ At the end of us leaving the sneaker store, I was like, ‘Dude, I have two beats on my phone. I’m not trying to be the worst, but I have these headphones. Would you just listen?’

“Ab was like, ‘Yeah, bro, whatever…’ The first beat [became] ScHoolboy Q’s ‘Party.’ The second beat was ‘Hunnid Stax’—Ab-Soul, Q, Mac Miller—and the third beat was Smoke DZA and Ab-Soul, ‘Diamonds.’ So I gave Ab those three beats, and he placed all three.”

Woah, Kenny.


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