BROCKHAMPTON's 'Saturation' Trilogy Was Originally Conceived as a Single Album

“Okay, there’s a pattern here. Let’s just keep it going.”
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BROCKHAMPTON’s Saturation trilogy was the most important sentence the band wrote in 2017. Now, in a new Vulture profile, the group revealed that a trilogy was never on their mind during the creation of the first album.

“We didn’t set out to make a trilogy,” producer Romil Hemnani said. “It was just something that happened. We were like, ‘Okay, there’s a pattern here. Let’s just keep it going. It makes too much sense not to.’”

The free-flowing approach is right in line with how the band records their music. “It’s all about who catches the vibe right there and right then,” Merlyn Wood explained. “If you’re not in the room, you might’ve missed it.”

As reported by Vulture, Dom McLennon broke down the creative process of the group: “Merlyn and [Kevin] will be in the middle of the room with the music blasting, with a whiteboard, just writing lyrics … You might catch Joba with an MP3 rendition of it that Hemnani bounced to him. He’s in his headphones writing outside. I’ll be in another room doing my own thing, and when I hear something that speaks to me, from there I know how to manipulate my flows and my rhythms and how I wanna write.”

Following their creative instincts allowed BROCKHAMPTON to make statement after statement in 2017, also cementing it as their breakout year and a watershed moment for the indie-meets-hip-hop sub-genre they’re operating under thanks to the likes of Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean.

Let their accidental trilogy be a lesson to upcoming creatives: if something is working, ride that wave to its natural end. There’s no reason to cut something short if it feels right and the reception is there. There’s also no reason to prolong something that has organically concluded. The Saturation trilogy got it right.

On September 21, the group released their fourth studio album, Iridescence. It was their first release on Question Everything/RCA Records.