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Eminem's 'Relapse' Album Convinced Wifisfuneral to Start Rapping

"That album, like, hit me in the fucking chest."
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Everyone has that one piece of art that drove them to make their own. For Florida’s wifisfuneral, that record would be Eminem’s Relapse, which might surprise fans considering the album is critically regarded as one of Em’s worst offerings. Go figure.

“Yo! I love that album,” he told MONTREALITY. “That album made me what I am. That’s a fact. That album, like, hit me in the fucking chest and made me like, ‘Yo, you gon’ rap n***a.’ Yeah, it’s crazy. He hates it, right? I don’t get it… Every song on that project’s crazy. You could tell that he was going through it.”

To wifi’s first point, yes, Eminem does greatly dislike this album: “Relapse is something that I looked after a couple years, went back to and cringed at,” Eminem said in an interview with Sway. “I didn’t realize I was doing that many accents.”

Clearly, the album struck a chord in wifisfuneral, who identified with the themes of withdrawals and the sense that he had to be “fucked up” on pills to really rap. 

wifisfuneral loving the album also speaks to how subjective art really is. The creator cannot stand his own creation—and neither can most critics—and yet, Relapse has inspired a young artist to forge his own path and find himself in music. 

Accents or not, that’s the power of music.