Eminem Fan Sends Us Lovely Email: "Fall in Line, Migos Mothef**ker"

The greatest email we've ever received.

The subject line of this email reads: "Msg to yoh."

What follows is perhaps the greatest email we have ever received at DJBooth. It should be celebrated for its eloquence, measured tone, and logical approach to rhetoric and discourse. 

We could all stand to learn from this hard-hitting, real approach to journalism. Enjoy.

Your review of kamikaze is a joke. What musical instruments do u play you untalented loomfah? Other than the skin flute ( doesn't count bc your mom taught u how to blow on that instrument). Reading that review tells me one thing u missed thats extremely important when doing music reviews especially when lyrical raps involved, U ACTUALLY HAVE TO FUCKING LISTEN U MILLENNIAL MUMBLE RAP DEFENDING NO BACK BONED LAZY BITCH!

What, did you get distracted by the sounds on your phone? What the fuck is there to learn from mumble rap? U know what the disco era was? Mumble in the 70s dipshit, it's a drugfaze era of lazy non talented shitheads making money off art bc its popular. Trust me I manage the age group that listens to this crap, they get fired all the time for having 0 work effort and no teamwork ethic. Stop reviewing and go buy some buckleys and flintstones cough syrup and fall in line, migos motherfucker, listen to hopsin, Joyner, Cole, snoop, black thought, royce da 59, and yes the only dbl diamond rapper ever, eminem, this mumble, you tube from my parents basement wannabe fake thug chickshit is not skilled. Goodbye bitch

Goodbye, bitch, indeed.