Curren$y Explains Why He Releases So Much Free Music

"They come through and they spend cash with me on sight."
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Few rappers are as prolific as Curren$y. With hundreds upon hundreds of songs to his name, Spitta is known for his steady stream of high-quality, consistently great material. Long before artists were flooding the market for streams, Spitta was flooding the market with a different business venture in mind. As he explained on the Rap Radar podcast, if he gives fans oodles of free music, they’ll be incentivized to catch a show.

"That's what's gonna keep us on the road," Spitta said in regards to his putting out so much content. "I put it out, and if they get it for free, they get it for free. But when they see that I'm in they town, you can't bootleg that. You gotta come up with that 20, 30 dollars. Once you're in there, you're gonna shop with us... And they wanna do that, because they know how much shit I just upload and say, 'Fuck it.'"

Few artists can release as much music as Curren$y has and continues to drop, but the real boon is that the music is all at least good or great. Let’s call that what it is: a feat.

"They appreciate [the free releases], so they come through and they spend cash with me on sight," he concluded. And yes, we do. 

Knowing that fans can rely on the 37-year-old for quality music, and being that he built a loyal following by giving away music, seems like the easy solution for making money on tours, where most money is made in music because fan loyalty translates quickly to ticket sales. 

As the man himself said, you cannot bootleg that.