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Pusha T Cosigns Jay Rock's 'Redemption'

“He’s probably one of the [rappers] that I felt like really put together a really strong project, rap-wise.”
Pusha-T Cosigns Jay Rock's 'Redemption'

We love to see rappers supporting other rappers. Today’s candidates are Pusha T and Jay Rock

In a new interview with Associated Press, Pusha T gave ample praise to Jay Rock’s 2018 album. Though Redemption was not nominated by the GRAMMYs for Best Rap Album, unlike Pusha-T’s DAYTONA, Push believes that the TDE release may be one of the few records to stack up to his own.

“I actually liked Jay Rock’s album a lot,” Pusha said. “I probably was on record with that one, too. He’s probably one of the [rappers] that I felt like really put together a really strong project, rap-wise.”



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There we have it: Pusha T is riding for Jay Rock. For Jay Rock’s part, he has been a Pusha T supporter for a long while, culminating in a 2013 freestyle over “Numbers on the Board.” While Jay Rock doesn’t want his team to be afraid to tell him if his music is wack, I am sure some well-earned praise for a solid and punchy rap record goes over well, too. Critique is important, but so is reward.

Aside from Jay Rock, Pusha also showed some love to label-mate Teyana Taylor: "I definitely felt like Teyana (Taylor)’s album was super-strong and could have definitely deserved a Grammy." And threw out a quick barb at Drake ("I don’t think me and him are in the same category"), since Drizzy's Scorpion did not get a Best Rap Album nomination. 

All in a day's work for King Push.


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