21 Savage Admits He Didn't Initially Take Rapping Seriously

“I ain’t really know what it was gon’ be.”
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In the great words of Mac Miller, “it is what it is, till it ain’t.” 

In the case of rap careers and 21 Savage, that translates to: 21 did not take rap seriously or know what it was going to mean for his life and career until he saw success.

“I feel like I sacrificed a lot in my life to be here,” 21 said during a recent interview The Breakfast Club. “At first, I wasn’t really taking it, like, [seriously], because I ain’t really know what it was gon’ be. What it could do, and what I could do with it. I just sat back and thought about all the shit that I been through in my life… I gotta do whatever I could do to just do my best with it.”

First of all, we must commend 21 Savage on his candidness. Secondly, this isn't just lip service. You can hear this change of attitude in his music. His most recently album, i am> i was, is an amazing showing of trap music and growth. The artist and man 21 has grown into over the past four years is savvy and mature, with all aspects of his performance and delivery increasing in quality. Consider 21 Savage the blueprint for trap and hip-hop evolution.

21’s story—his not taking music seriously until he got validation for his work—is not an unlikely one. Certainly, plenty of artists in plenty of creative fields have expressed trepidation and carried a casual attitude about their art until the public let them know they were on to something. Thankfully, 21 fully embraced the validation he received and used it to drop his best album to date. 21. 21. 21.