Gunna Reportedly Missed out on Camila Cabello's Smash Single "Havana" Because His Manager Didn't Know Who She Was

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Gunna Missed Out on Camila Cabello's "Havana" Because His Manager Didn't Know Who She Was

Sometimes you miss out on a major bag. That’s the case for Atlanta super-trap-star Gunna, who was reportedly offered a guest spot on Camila Cabello’s award-winning, chart-topping, and multi-Platinum “Havana.” However, his manager did not know of Cabello’s massive country in the music industry and hung up.

The story comes from an off-hand comment Gunna made to Audiomack’s Marketing Director, Joe Vango. Per Vango: "Gunna came to Audiomack back in March to play us new music. We were talking about an unreleased song with him and [Young] Thug. That was their second song they recorded, and [we talked about] their relationship. Next thing you know, he says that [he missed out on "Havana"] and his manager was like 'Bruh.' He kept calling her 'Camilly.'" 

Gunna, apparently, wasn’t the only one with trepidations. Prior to jumping on the record, Young Thug was also nervous. “I was like what the f*ck?” Thug said. “What is this? I don't want to switch that fast. I wanna take my time.”

Sometimes your gut is right, but sometimes your gut is very wrong. A little research can go a very, very long way. Gunna working with Mariah Carey ("Stay Long Love You") is a nice addendum to his resume, but the royalties he would have made off Havana would have fed his family for generations to come. Drat.