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Joyner Lucas Is No Longer Signed to Atlantic Records

“Oh and did I forget to say I’m now 100% independent?”

Another day, another rapper forging their own path without a record label. Today’s subject is Joyner Lucas, who took to Instagram to announce that he has parted ways with his now-former label Atlantic Records. His upcoming album, ADHD will be released independently.

“The face of a 2x Grammy nominated, platinum selling, stress free rich n***a... oh and did I forget to say I’m now 100% Independent?. which means im no longer signed to ATLANTIC RECORDS as of a few days ago. 🙏🏽 great record label and great people so it’s always love. I just wanted to be back on my Independent wave and do things my way. as of now it’s No label deal, no publishing deal, literally just me... watch me work! 💪🏽 “ADHD” is dropping as a independent project with no major backing. Just the support of the fans. Thank you for all your support and love.” —Joyner Lucas

The indie route, for artists like Joyner and Snow Tha Product, who recently departed Atlantic as well, is often wiser than not. These are artists who have dedicated fan bases, who can tour a record time and time again and pack in venues because of the relationship they’ve formed with their base. Much like Snow, Joyner appears to have no bad blood with his former label, meaning this was a decision he made for himself and his heart.



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In much the same vein, Snow told us earlier this year: “I need to do this for me. I just wanna be happy, and I realized to be happy I just wanna do what I wanna do with this music. That’s when it connects the most. When I finally let everybody be wrong, that’s when I realized I needed to do my thing.”

Creative control is a beautiful thing, and hopefully, Joyner Lucas’ newfound freedom will help influence ADHD to be his best work to date. We’ll be waiting.



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