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Nipsey Hussle on Jay Rock’s ‘Redemption’: “Classic”

“I feel like ‘Redemption’ was a classic, too.”

GRAMMY season approaches. With that, we are seeing an uptick in artists reacting to their nominations and the categories at large. Most recently, Nipsey Hussle, whose album Victory Lap is nominated for Best Rap Album, sat down on the Rap Radar podcast to break down the Best Rap Album category and this year in hip-hop.

“I feel like Redemption was a classic, too,” Nip said of fellow West Coast rapper Jay Rock’s album. “I don't like to tell people what they should do, as far as they should put that in, but I felt like that was a great rap album this year, too.”



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In fact, Nipsey Hussle is so keen on Redemption, he suggested the album be added to the Best Rap Album nomination pool: “I would add Jay Rock. I would probably... I would add KOD, too. When you think about an album, like Best Rap Album, you gotta consider that. It was a gang of great rap music.”

Well, for one, Nipsey is entirely right: there was an incredible amount of incredible music this year. The case for KOD to be added can be made, certainly, but let’s not forget that an artist (or their label) must submit to be considered for the GRAMMYs. Given that Cole's only 2018 nominations are for guest features (Miguel's "Come Through And Chill" and 6LACK's "Pretty Little Fears"), it's quite possible J. Cole and company decided they did not need that industry validation. And when you’re J. Cole, why would you?

As for Jay Rock, Nip is not the only rapper to co-sign Redemption. Earlier this month, Pusha T threw praise at Redemption, saying it was one of the few solid rap albums that could go toe-to-toe with DAYTONA. It seems like, despite not getting a GRAMMY nod, Jay Rock made an album that will endure. If only because he secured so much respect from his peers and OGs alike. Good for him.


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