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A Boogie wit da Hoodie on Missed Drake Collab: "You Can't Take It Personal"

“It wasn't like I was being a bother or nothing.”

Business is business, as A Boogie wit da Hoodie learned when trying to secure a feature from Drake himself. 

In a new interview with Billboard, fresh off the release of his sophomore album Hoodie SZN, the New York artist explained why his collaboration with Drake fell through, and what important lesson that taught him about the music industry.

“It wasn't like I was being a bother or nothing, I was just at a point where I didn't understand certain things at the time,” Boogie said. “So he was like, ‘Send me a song.’ I'm like, ‘Boom.’ He says, ‘Send me another song,’ and I do. After a while I realized that if you send somebody a song and they don't have time to do it and you know they don't have time to do it, you can't just judge people off what you're seeing. I realized myself when somebody asks me for a feature and I'm busy for two months straight. Can't take it personal. Even if they don't wanna be a feature, you can't take it personal. It's all strategy and you can't mess up someone's strategy 'cause they don't wanna do a song with you, feel me?”



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A Boogie is entirely right. So little of the music business is personal. Certainly, Drake did not ask for music from Boogie with the intention of not getting back to him, but schedules pack up and things move to the back of our minds, regardless of if we are international superstars or simply office workers. It’s better to accept that as a fact of life than to fester.

We have to admire A Boogie’s maturity in this situation, too. It’s important to learn early on not to keep things too close to the chest, or else the music industry has the propensity to swallow you whole. Taking things personally is a fast-track to spurned feelings and burning bridges that otherwise should not be burnt. 

With his approach, A Boogie ensures that his collaboration with Drake still has the chance to come to pass.



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