A Live Performance Lesson for All Artists, Courtesy of Proof

“Concentrate on the people rocking with you.”
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Touring as an opening, indie, or rising act can be brutal. Tough crowds can spoil a night, and when you’re on stage baring your soul to a disinterested crowd, it’s easy to become disheartened. 

Yesterday, D12's Kuniva took to Twitter to share some superb advice the late Proof once gave him ahead of a show with a less-than-packed crowd.

First off, “Concentrate on the people rocking with you,” is good advice regardless of if you are a musician or just a person going about their personal or professional business. Give your energy to the people and things giving you positive energy back. That’s the easiest way to keep your head and wits about you.

In the scope of music, this advice is pertinent to rising artists. Other salient advice: have a unique live experience so fans never forget you, perform over live tracks instead of your own vocals, and remember to win over the people if you are an opener. A good live show will secure you fans for life. Happy touring.