Juicy J on Life After Winning an Oscar: "I Lost My Mind"

"It changed everything."
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Fame will really drive you crazy. Just ask Juicy J, who admitted in a new interview with Mass Appeal that Three 6 Mafia winning an Oscar in 2006 sent him down a spiral of excess he wished he had guidance to navigate and best.

"It changed our lives, you know," Juicy said of the Oscar victory. "It changed everything. I lost my mind, man. I lost my mind. I ain't gon' lie. I went crazy... I moved to LA, bought a crib in LA. I just... I went crazy, man. Parties. Kickin' it. It was great but, you know, it was tough too. I feel like I wish I could have had a little guidance, a little bit. I wish we all could have had a little guidance. Because we just... We wild out, man. It was party after party after party after party after party after [laughs]. Club after club after club after club. Chick after chick after chick after chick. Spin, spin, spin, spin. I am just riding down the street [in LA], I see a house. I say, 'I want that house.' I paid for it. I told my bodyguard, 'Stop, go back.' Looked at the house, shit, bought it the next day. My lawyer said, 'Man, you crazy.' He said I was crazy. I was like, 'Man, fuck you, man.' I'm living my life."

Excess might not even be the word for the lifestyle Juicy J adopted after the Oscar win. As the Law of Diminishing Returns suggests there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and that crazy feeling Juicy J describes is the Law in action. You can only swim in your own success for so long before the vices of the fast life catch up to you.

Also, word to the wise, if your lawyer advises you stop spending money, the proper response is most likely not "Man, fuck you, man." But, again, we're just a blog. What do we know?