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Starrah: "If You Record a Song I Wrote, Don't Lie and Say You Wrote It"

“It’s about mutual respect.”

You think being a producer is challenging, try getting recognition as a songwriter. The oft-overlooked cog in the music machine, songwriters rarely get their due shine. Today, we’ve got songwriter and producer Starrah, the hired pen behind countless top 10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, tweeting much of the same, urging artists to not lie and strip her of her songwriting credit.

Corny, indeed. Yet, Starrah, 28, sadly is not the only songwriter getting the short end of the stick. At the end of 2018, we spoke with Pink Sweat$, a songwriter-turned-singer who briefly mentioned when you write songs, sometimes the money just isn’t right. 

“As a writer, you realize that the music industry is a beautiful thing, but you could be easily misguided to believe you’re not worth getting paid,” he said.



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As Starrah follows up, the real crux of the issue here is mutual respect and professionalism. There is no shame in employing the services of a songwriter—that is why the position exists in the first place—and collaboration is a beautiful thing, but do not pretend that you are a solo act when more than one hand went into the making of a song. 

In the creative industry, second to money, credit is everything. Make sure you move accordingly.


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