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Future Stopped Drinking Lean But He Didn't Want to Tell Anyone

“It just be hard when your fans so used to a certain persona.”

Future is lean-free. The forefather of so much of this rap shit, whose sound was ever-so predicated on drinking lean, has apparently stopped using the substance altogether. 

In a new interview with Genius’ Rob Markman, Future explains that not only did he stop drinking lean, but also that he was scared to tell people about going clean.

“I didn’t wanna tell nobody I stopped drinking lean,” Future said. "I didn’t tell… Because I felt like, then they gon’ be like ‘Oh, his music changed because he stopped drinking lean. Oh, I can hear it when he changes…’ It just be hard when your fans so used to a certain persona, you be afraid to change.”



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This is yet another case of us demanding so much of our artists, that we forget to see them as people. Artists like Noname and Future, who sell pain for profit, often have to build up personas that feed our hunger for more, more, more of their hurt. This festers to the point where something as impeccable as Future quitting lean must be hidden so that fans don’t react negatively to the music.

Alternatively, Vince Staples recently explained how he makes music while sober because he never had time to consider doing drugs while growing up and wanting to survive. This just goes to show that rap’s relationship with drugs is a knotty one.

Consider how Juice WRLD sings of percocets doing surgery on his organs. Consider how he has a drug-themed tape with Future. The fans demand action, and when Future cannot continue living what he wrote, it makes sense that he would keep that level of sobriety to himself.


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