"We Gonna Try to Do What Dot & Cole Haven't": REASON on Collab Album with J.I.D

REASON shares details about a potential collaborative album with J.I.D.
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So much potential good can be birthed out of Dreamville's fabled #ROTD3 sessions. With damn near every artist and producer in hip-hop holed up in an Atlanta studio for endless recording sessions, some incredible collaborations are bound to happen.

One of them, apparently, is a potential collaborative project between TDE’s REASON and Dreamville’s J.I.D.

“Me and J.I.D have talked about [doing a project], actually,” REASON said during an Instagram Live session. “We're gonna try to do what Dot and Cole haven't done. So, I guess, that's a ‘yes.’”

While the Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole joint album never came, the potential for a REASON and J.I.D album seems far higher—and far more exciting. There are myriad reasons why we might not want a Cole and Kenny album, but putting two hungry and rising rappers on the same record to spar lyrically sounds like every hip-hop head’s dream. 

Bring on the collaborative album, just make sure it’s better than the influx of collab albums that closed out 2017.