Future Feels Burdened by Having to "Keep Living Every Line"

“That's not who I am anymore.”
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Future’s music comes from a dark place. As the monster of love, Future’s heartbroken and drug-infused tunes have become the soundtrack to a generation of bruised souls. Yet, that leaves little space for Future to grow as a person without backlash from fans. 

In a new interview with The FADER, Future revealed that he felt burdened continuously creating from a dark place he no longer occupies.

“I created off negativity,” Future said. “It always fuel my fire. I just feed into it, and that's where I get my best ideas from, by making something negative and turning it into my positive, by making music from it and having success from it. But the burden becomes I gotta keep living this way and keep living every line, every day. And it's just like that's not who I am anymore.”

This admission is in the same vein as Future quitting lean and not wanting to tell anyone because he feared fans would react negatively. We love Future precisely because his drug addictions and demons are killing him, but should we not also love him for growing as a man and an artist?

Looking at his press run for his upcoming album, The WIZRD, it appears Future is going to venture into brighter territory for the first time in a very long time in his career. While fans may demand Future experience pain so they may cope with their own, he is equally entitled to experience joy and as long as the music is up to snuff, Future can rest assured that they'll come around to this new chapter of his career.