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Kap G Knows He's Not a Priority for Atlantic Records

“I just feel like, keeping it 100, I should just be bigger and be pushed more.”

Two-thousand seventeen XXL Freshman Kap G was poised to be one of rap’s biggest breakout stars. And yet, though the Mexican-American rapper has generated buzz outside of his native College Park, Georgia, he is far from superstar status. 

This begs the question: Why not? 

According to Kap, in a new interview on REAL 92.3 LA, his record label, Atlantic, is to blame for his slow climb to fame.



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“I been signed to my label since 2012,” Kap said. “I just feel like, keeping it 100, I should just be bigger and be pushed more. That's just the politics, again, with the label. You know what I'm saying? Especially my label, I'm with an all-star label, and I feel like I'm just getting slept on... Just priority.”

“That's where a lot of the frustration comes from,” Kap added, citing the work he feels he's put in at the label for years. “A lot of people don't even see the behind the scenes work that an artist has to go through... Endless, countless hours. I don't think I had a break since I got signed. Constantly working, so it could be frustrating sometimes.”

Keeping it 100, as Kap said, the lesson here is twofold. Being signed to a major label can be a dream come true, but it can also be a nightmare. There is no denying that a major has resources and funds simply not available to independent artists, but there is also no denying that if you are not constantly making money for the label, you will be relegated to the sidelines.

While Kap G has still grown his career independent of Atlantic Records, he can never get the time back that he feels he's lost. Unless he makes himself a priority with a viral moment or some other instant-cash-grab, it’s likely nothing will change until he’s out of his contract.



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