Quavo Says 'QUAVO HUNCHO' Was a Success Because It Went Gold

“Go back to the drawing board and just make a platinum one.”
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Quavo knows he’s a success. Of course, the RIAA plaques help. 

In a new interview with Complex, Quavo, 27, explained that the biggest lesson he learned from releasing his solo album, QUAVO HUNCHO, is that plaques speak louder than words.

“I did a great job, it went gold,” Quavo said. “Go back to the drawing board and just make a platinum one.”

Well, success is subjective, so Quavo is not wrong. If his bar for achievement is a Gold plaque, then good for Quavo and QUAVO HUNCHO. However, it is interesting that he commented on the success of the album when asked about what he learned from releasing the album. It appears the biggest lesson for one-third of the Migos is that success is the goal, lessons can come later.

Furthermore, the notion that his next album will go Platinum suggests that Quavo does not foresee the newly-released QUAVO HUNCHO going Platinum. Beyond being a subtle note that he won’t be pushing more material from the project, this is also a nod that Quavo realizes he has room to grow, and more success stands to be attained. 

If his chase for plaques results in stronger music, then more power to him. We’ll be waiting to press play.