YBN Cordae Sold His Shoe Collection to Buy a Studio

"I just sold all my f**kin shoes and bought a studio with that sh*t."
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YBN Cordae knows how to manage his money. The young wordsmith of the YBN crew recently revealed as much on a new episode of Sneaker Shopping with Complex.

"I used to be a huge sneakerhead," he said. "I used to try and get every fuckin' shoe. But then I found myself with a collection of shoes and I started falling in love with rap and music and shit, so I just sold all my fuckin shoes and bought a studio with that shit. That's when I was like 'fuck that shit, bro.' I can still be fly in my own way. These shoes damn changed my life, bro. Cause like where else would that money have came from for me to get studio equipment?"

Well, someone clearly took Jimmy Iovine's advice. Spending money on a studio is the best way to invest in yourself as a young artist. Not only are you cutting overhead costs, but you're also giving yourself the opportunity to always be creative on no one else's watch but your own. 

At a time when fans demand incredible amounts of music, the ability to always be working, without having to pay top dollar for studio time, is a critical leg up. Good for Cordae. 

Now, just give us the album. Please.


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