"Eminem Changed My Life," Phresher Says

"I signed to Monster Energy Drink right after that."
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Eminem Changed Phresher's Life

Few co-signs in hip-hop are as powerful as one from an elder statesman. Brooklyn rapper Phresher knows this well, and recently remarked on the power of the Eminem co-sign he received when Marshall tagged him for Revival cut "Chloraseptic."

"That was life-changing. I ended up getting so many," Phresher began telling Sway. "I signed to Monster Energy Drink right after that. Eminem changed my life, man."

Not only did Phresher's hip-hop notoriety increase after the "raw as fuck" verse, but he also increased his business standing. There are plenty of artists—Drake, for one—whose co-signs can help an artist establish themselves, but rarely do we hear about the immediate business opportunities that come by way of working with more known acts. 

Phresher's Monster deal should come as no surprise. Though hip-hop may clown Eminem for his most recent albums, the fact is that Eminem's name and consequently his influence still holds water. Or, in Phresher's case, an energy drink.