Future Estimates He Spends Between "2, 300 Thousand" a Month on Clothing

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Okay, we get it, Future is rich. Having earned his sixth chart-topping album with The WIZRD, this is not surprising. What is surprising—to the average consumer, at least—is how much money Future spends monthly just on clothing. 

"I shop every day. I probably spent two, three hundred thousand on clothes a month. It's crazy, I gotta stop," he said on Sneaker Shopping

And yet, Future proceeds to spend thirty-eight thousand dollars (!) to close out the episode. For context, this is roughly the same amount of income that one-third of working United States citizens 16 years of age and above earn in a calendar year.

Listen, far be it from any of us to tell Future how to spend his money. It's not like he needs the extra cash to build himself a recording studio. If he has the ability and desire to ball out every single day as he says, then peace be with him. 

We love Future's music because we love Future's lifestyle, and this type of spending is just par for the course. Frankly, his being a habitual big spender is a far more friendly vice than the lean addiction he so often croons about. Enjoy the shoes.