Earl Sweatshirt on Virality: "The Rapid Ascent is Answered with a Violent Nosedive"

"On some laws of nature shit."
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Viral success may seem appealing, but the mental strain of rapid fame is often not worth the fame itself. A slow burn is far more manageable, and will likely stave off the imposter syndrome better than a viral explosion. Such is the advice Earl Sweatshirt gave on Twitter this morning.

"resist being viral if u tryna reserve and promote some humanity yo !! the rapid ascent is answered with a violent nosedive on some laws of nature shit :heart: we can share art and celebrate it without foaming at the mouth and thoughtlessly consuming" —Earl Sweatshirt

Of course, Earl is entirely right. No one is built to be famous, and to be thrust into the spotlight is to face a new slew of challenges that no one can prepare you for. This is why so many sophomore albums are about how difficult it is to be famous. 

Secondarily, as quickly as you can rise and have everyone's support, just as quickly can those same people turn on you for seemingly no reason. Rapidly earned fans are fickle creatures, and the ride-or-die fans will always be a product of a well thought out career over people fascinated by your flash in the pan. 

Better to be comfortable than a viral hit.


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