Boogie Praises Shady Records Creative Freedom

"They let me do my thang 'cause they know I'm the GOAT."
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If you want a happy and successful artist, give them creative control. The smile on Boogie's face in his latest HardKnockTV interview says it all: when granted creative freedom, an artist will happily thrive.

"Great thing about Em: they let me do my thang 'cause they know I'm the GOAT," he said when asked about how hands-on his label head was during the making of Everythings For Sale. "So, they just let me do my shit."

Whether or not Boogie really is the GOAT is secondary to this great note that Shady Records gives their artists complete creative control. Allowing artists to have their own vision and create material free of influence and surveillance is a sure-fire way to get the best possible product out of them. Dreamville also has a reputation of allowing their artists to have creative freedom, which is why J.I.D is right to think his label and TDE are in competition

Nothing will spoil an album faster than the sound of too many executives having a hand in its creation, even if that executive is a legend himself, like Eminem. So, good for Boogie and good for Eminem. As a debut, Everythings For Sale privileges home and is a testament to Boogie's ability to speak truth into every bar. Chances are, those great results would not have come to pass if the album were A&R-ed to death.