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Offset Explains Why He Won't Be Sharing His Solo Album Title

"Yes, I am releasing a solo record. And no, you can’t get a title."

Offset wants to be in charge of Offset. He wants to give fans "content." In a new interview with i-D, the rapper explained why, as i-D so noted, controlling his narrative is important to him, and consequently, why he will not be releasing the name of his debut album.

"Yes, I am releasing a solo record," he began. "And no, you can’t get a title. Nowadays, we’re drowned in a constant flow of information. You get tons of content without having to do a thing, it’s just getting to you non-stop. I want my album to come out when the time is right, and the way I see it a title is already one piece of information too many. I don’t want people to be projecting anything into it before the album’s even out, whether it’s their wishes or their opinions. I take my time because I want to be sure it all makes sense."

There's a lot of brilliance packed into this answer. For one, Offset likely saw the hype-to-flop transition of his fellow Migos' debut albums, and hopes to avoid that. If you can stave off building up outlandish expectations for a record, there is a lower chance of letting people down when release day arrives.



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Secondly, Offset is right to assume that people in the social media era will pull a lot out of a little. If he releases his album title, suddenly 10 articles will spring up explaining what the album title means in relation to music no one has heard. That builds even more expectations for fans, and that seems to be what Offset is wisely attempting to avoid. 

Wanting his album to make sense, too, is admirable. There's a level of restraint to this answer that implies Offset is taking his time—perhaps even exercising quality control—to perfect his product rather than ride a wave. Sadly, as much as he'd like to avoid it, that idea in and of itself gives us raised expectations. 

Good for Offset, though, and hopefully good for fans once the record drops.


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