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Melii Bravely Shares Stories of Being Mistreated by Managers

"It just came to a point where he was too controlling."

An impressive rapper, Interscope Records signee Melii has unfortunately suffered at the hands of the music industry. 

In a recent interview with Ebro in the Morning on Hot 97, Melii, 22, detailed the harrowing reality of being a young woman in music and being managed by older men who were more keen on controlling her than on helping her build her career.

"I had three, three managers in total, right?" she began after taking some time to compose herself. "My first manager, he's in the Feds right now... Basically, I parted ways with him because he was a cool dude, cool older man, however.., I would have to go all the way to DC to record, and I was still young. Probably, like, 17, and I'll go all the way to DC and I wanted to bring at least a friend with me. I have a past with men so I wanted to bring a friend with me, it's just common sense. He took that and just ran with that, to a point of like 'Oh, I took care of you and your friends,' but it's obviously protocol. I'm not gonna go all the way to DC by myself. Then it was like, to stay in his crib and stuff, and I was like 'No, I wanna stay in the hotel with my friend and stuff like that, and I'll put in my work.' 



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"I never had any issues it just came to a point where he was too controlling and I wanted to part ways. Because of that, when I finally stood up for myself and my mom knew exactly what was going on... She just told me: 'Anything that you have that he ever gave you, you return. Break parts and just leave.' After that, he just started sending people to threaten me, and to this day I'm still receiving threats."

Sadly, Melii's story here is not a one-off. Plenty of young women have been mismanaged, recklessly managed, or mistreated by their management and taken advantage of because of their age and want for a career. 

The hope is that as more women like Melii share their stories, more women will feel safe enough to also come forward, and these miserable trends in the music industry will eventually evaporate. 

Kudos to Melii, we love and are proud of her.


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