Vince Staples Loses Money on Tours to Increase the Fan Experience

"It's like a push to the fans and stuff like that."
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The Vince Staples live experience is one-of-a-kind

A high-end production with avant-garde motifs and fantastic lighting, to see Vince Staples live is to step into the crevices of his music and watch the world of his art unfold. And according to a new interview with GQ, that experience is worth every penny—even the ones Staples loses.

"I'll be honest with you, I don't know," Staples said of his reasoning for spending so much of his budget on touring. "It's like a push to the fans and stuff like that. I honestly end up regretting it in the meanwhile because I could have been making money and I’m not. But you get over it and you appreciate that it’s just for the fans—like the fan experience. We're driving the fan experience and I don't mind it."

Losing money on your touring production should be seen instead as a savvy investment. A good live show will ensure you fans for life. 

There is much to be said for the importance of the live experience, but Staples gets it right in his answer: it's something special for the fans. As long as artists remember that their performance is an important exchange between them and their fans, then their live shows, much likes Staples' show, will prosper.