EarthGang Has No Interest In Being a "Fly By Night" Act

"When people come, they think we're the real deal. That's why we stay on the road."
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EarthGang, the Atlanta duo made up of Doctur Dot and Johnny Venus, are here to stay. In a new interview with Revolt, the duo explain exactly how their heavy touring schedule ensures that they keep rising in acclaim and notoriety.

"That's to build that solid fanbase," Johnny Venus said of the duo's touring habits over the past several years. "When you got that fanbase and you show them you can perform, that's longevity, bro. More than anything, we hitting y'all with these classic records and longevity because that's what lasts and makes things larger than life. You don't want to be no fly by night artist where, 'Oh, they have a big song, They're booming right now. But, in ATL nobody know what their show is.' Or, 'They got a big song, you pull up to the show and the show is trash.' Nah, we want to have good songs, good fanbase, [and a] good tour. So, when people come, they think we're the real deal. That's why we stay on the road."

Of course, Venus is absolutely right. If you want to last in hip-hop—in music, period—you need to tour, constantly, and have your tour be worthwhile. When you have a unique live show experience, fans are endeared to you and have more access points to appreciate your artistry. Packing and rocking shows is a sure-fire way to ensure life-long fans. 

There's no risk of being a one-hit-wonder if fans keep coming out to shows to see the array of hits you've concocted. Those same fans will then go to more and more shows, getting your bottom line up and also building a core that will support future releases. Listen to EarthGang: tour. Tour a lot, connect with your fans, and win big in the rap game for longer than a calendar year.

Mirrorland, EarthGang's long-anticipated Dreamville debut, is slated for release this year.



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