DMX's "Ruff Ryders' Anthem" Is Funding Swizz Beatz' Art Collection 20 Years Later

Very impressive.
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Swizz Beatz' art collection is apparently very impressive. What's more impressive is that the entire collection is largely being funded by royalty checks from hits he produced 20 years in the past. 

As reported by The New York Times: "Dean, who has never sold a work in his collection (he’s only traded), is likely the first collector to argue openly on behalf of resale royalties for artists. Part of this comes from his background in music: He’s able to buy so much art — about 70 pieces in the last year alone — partly because he still gets royalty checks 20 years after producing DMX’s 'Ruff Ryders’ Anthem.' (His other major hits include Beyoncé’s 'Check on It' from 2005, Jay-Z’s 'On to the Next One' from 2009 and T.I.’s 'Bring Em Out' from 2004.)"

Not only is this very impressive, but it's also a good lesson to producers. That is, you never know when those royalty checks will be the gifts that keep on giving. Hits, while typically a crap shoot, can stand to fund entire lifestyles. The moral here is to keep working and perhaps you too will be able to cash in on that ONE song that makes your career. 

Of course, you'll need to make sure to get your business in order, which will allow you to profit from your hard work for generations to come. Also, make sure your publishing deal is right. Don't sign away your rights without reviewing your contract and understanding what you are, and more importantly, what you are not getting from your deal.

In the meantime, we can admire Swizzy's high art collection. Beautiful stuff.


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