Gunna on 21 Savage Not Being Born in Atlanta: "Nobody Cares"

"'It ain’t really about like, where he was born, to me."
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Gunna, 21 Savage, 2019

The trials and tribulations of 21 Savage, who was freed from ICE custody on bond Tuesday (February 12), have rightfully overtaken hip-hop news. Amidst ill-placed jokes, certain folks have brought into question 21's authenticity, having not been born in Atlanta. 

According to Gunna's most recent GQ interview, though, that does not matter.

Per GQ: "21 is such a fixture of Atlanta, I suggested, that the idea that he wasn’t born there might have been a surprise. For Gunna, that isn’t even important. 'Nobody cares, though,' Gunna said. 'It ain’t really about like, where he was born, to me. It about what you’re doing today. Like, what are you doing? What could you say you did for your family? The rest of it don’t matter.'"

Of course, Gunna is absolutely right. 21 Savage's endless philanthropic efforts—his being the voice of a community in Atlanta—is what matters. His country of origin is secondary to his contributions to his community. 

21 Savage is a human being, first and foremost, and his impact on Atlanta and the impact ICE detainment had on him should be the topics of discussion, not his not-questionable authenticity.