Eminem Taught Royce da 5'9'' You "Don't Have to be Drunk or High" to Make Music

Powerful stuff.
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Sobriety is a very personal subject for all people, not just artists. Often, hip-hop gets pegged with glorifying substance abuse, and while at times that may be true, there are also artists who speak on their truth and struggles with substance. 

One of those artists is Royce da 5'9'', who recently revealed in an interview with Ari Melber on MSNBC that he learned a very valuable lesson on sobriety from Eminem

"One of the things I learned from him, is you don't have to be drunk and high in order to create music," Royce said. 

Considering Eminem has himself battled addiction, and Royce is a recovering alcoholic, this is powerful stuff. Many artists will tell you that they've come to rely on drugs to be creative but to hear that Royce learned he did not need his crutch to create his art is a beautiful thing. 

Addiction is a very subjective path to navigate, but it sounds like Royce da 5'9'' is in a much better place. Good for him.