iLoveMakonnen: Gay and Hip-Hop Worlds "Fuck With Each Other"

"Sooner or later, people are gonna have to be like, 'okay, what is it?'"
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Hypocrisy and bigotry, sadly, go hand-in-hand. In a new interview with Billboard, the ever-eccentric iLoveMakonnen explains how hip-hop's relationship to gay culture must come to a head as the genre grows in popularity.

"It’s like, it’s gonna come to a head eventually, gay and hip-hop," Makonnen said. "Because they’re two worlds that try to act like they don’t fuck with each other, but they do, very hard. You can listen to any rapper and they’ll tell you about a gay designer, more than their female counterparts. Sooner or later, people are gonna have to be like, 'okay, what is it?' Because I keep hearing about all the gay designers, seeing you guys in all the gay designer clothes. You guys all come from Atlanta, the known black gay capital of the world. So it’s like, when are we gonna have this conversation? You’re so anti-gay, but you support gay brands? You can’t support a gay man, you can support a gay brand?

Here, iLoveMakonnen is spotlighting a very common type of hypocrisy that is not unique to hip-hop but rather speaks to the struggle people have on the whole to realize that their homophobia runs deeper than simple slurs. Supporting a particular brand does not absolve anyone of homophobia, and thus we have to consistently confront ourselves and our own prejudices to become better people. 

Of course, homophobia is a systemic issue, but as Mak points out, hip-hop is so deeply intertwined with gay culture, that the homophobia within the genre must be tackled and hopefully eradicated eventually.